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Shoeb Saher - Corporate & Commercial lawyer

United Arab Emirates

Startup Lawyer Dubai

Startup Lawyer Dubai – To give your fledgling business the best chance of succeeding, specialist legal support is very critical; it also happens to be the time when finances are most scarce. I am a firm believer that expert legal advice must be accessible to not just the wealthy and elite but to everyone who wants to start on their own and need legal support.

Keeping this start-up challenge in mind I offer legal assistance as a business at a very special price to make your start-up legally compliant, protect your assets, and revenue. My approach to startups is not just representation but also education. I am dedicated to foster an informed clientele.

As a Business Startup Lawyer Dubai, you may require advice on formation structure, website/customer agreement, or day-to-day legal advice or advice on protecting your intellectual property.

As a corporate and commercial or Business lawyer Dubai, I have gained expertise when it comes to business and its legalities. I will help you start your new business in UAE and ensure that you are well equipped with all the legal documentation that goes with forming and running your company.

I will be more than your lawyer; I will serve as your personal business consultant.

From cost-effective standard legal drafts to tailored drafting solutions, I do it all.

While working with startups my aim is to make expert legal advice affordable to them.